Dana Levin

You put a bag around your head and walked into the river.
walked into the river with a bag around your head and you were
never dead
game on the banks of your
mental styx
for the double
of smoke—
You pressed a coin into his palm and stepped across the water.
stepped across the water with a hand on his arm and he was
silent and kind as you
               shoved off, toward the smoky coils
of the greek-seeming dead—
You’d been trying to sleep.
Found yourself here
in the mythocryptic land—
The river
had widened to a lake. You were anchored
in the shallow boat
by his faceless weight—
And on the green shore you could see their vapored
residue, how they could
smell it, those two―if you
slit your wrist you could make them speak.
If you
slit your wrist you might be able to sleep.
Handing you back
your coin.
Copyright © Dana Levin. Used with permission of the author.

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