For the Twentieth Century

Frank Bidart

Bound, hungry to pluck again from the thousand
technologies of ecstasy
boundlessness, the world that at a drop of water
rises without boundaries,
I push the PLAY button:--
. . .Callas, Laurel & Hardy, Szigeti
you are alive again,--
the slow movement of K.218
once again no longer
bland, merely pretty, nearly
banal, as it is
in all but Szigeti's hands
Therefore you and I and Mozart
must thank the Twentieth Century, for
it made you pattern, form
whose infinite
repeatability within matter
defies matter--
Malibran. Henry Irving. The young
Joachim. They are lost, a mountain of
newspaper clippings, become words
not their own words. The art of the performer.
From the chapbook Music Like Dirt, published by Sarabande Books. Copyright © 2002 by Frank Bidart. Reprinted by permission of Sarabande Books. All rights reserved.

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