The Vampire by Conrad Aiken
She rose among us where we lay
The Distant Moon by Rafael Campo
Admitted to the hospital again.
The Giaour [Unquenched, unquenchable] by George Gordon Byron
Unquenched, unquenchable
Christabel [excerpt] by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Beneath the lamp the lady bowed
The Vampyre by John Stagg
Why looks my lord so deadly pale?
Lamia [Left to herself] by John Keats
Left to herself, the serpent now began
The Vampire Bride [I am come—I am come!] by Henry Thomas Liddell
I am come—I am come! once again from the tomb
The Bride of Corinth [From my grave to wander] by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
From my grave to wander I am forc'd
The Vampire by Rudyard Kipling
A fool there was and he made his prayer
The Vampire by Madison Julius Cawein
A lily in a twilight place
Pocket Vampire by Dorothy Barresi
I reconcile myself to need